Welcome To My Dreamscapes

As an artist I was always interested in dreams. I have realized they have a tremendous effect on us, as they are a message from our inner selves to our conscious mind. A few years ago I have begun to study my dreams and therefore I looked into dream theories of many psychologists. I was most attracted to Carl Jung's theories. And with them I have created a photographic and graphic design method involving new media and illustration: In order to bring my dream to life in an image. This image I can interpret and process the information of what my unconscious mind is trying to tell me. I believe there is much to learn about ourselves from our dreams. While trying to uncover the meaning of my own dreams I want to inspire others to do the same when viewing my art. How can we help process our own dreams and from them uncover truths and traumas that hold us back from living a full life? We can do it with dream analysis from our dream imagery.  

The Story Behind The Images Of The Dreams:

My dreams always begin with surreal landscapes. They take me on a journey though time and space that is full of magic, folklore, fairy tales, and old tales from my homeland Poland. I dream of dogs (canines) and horses that accompany me in my quest through the dream. They are my most trusted companions. Like a spirit animal that guides and protect me (You can see these dreamscapes among others in the artworks "Dogs Of Dreams 1 and 2", "The Hunt", Dream Of A Wolf In The Forest" , and Horses Of Dreams"). I walk with them through places and spaces, resting at times. I am always going somewhere. I am seeking something. Sometimes it is something I know, sometimes it is something I need to find out. Sometimes I lose my companions, and then I am alone walking through the dream. I keep walking into forests and surreal places where I encounter mirrors and lanterns. It is always a little misty and mysterious. I seek inside the mirrors secret passage ways that will bring me back to my lost companions (You can see these dreamscapes among others in "The Way", "The Reckoning", "Onward", and "Mirror Lane"). I eventually am reunited with them. But I must always go through a journey back first. On this journey through land and water, I usually meet fantastic creatures like angels, sirens, and magic children that are in surreal surroundings. I talk to them or just see them. They also point me to where I need to go, in return for a payment or a favor (You can see these dreamscapes among others in "Snake Charmer", "Water Angel", "Going Under", "Moon Siren" and "Follow The Glow"). In my dreams I am usually a different female character each time. Sometimes younger sometimes older, always in old folklore attire. After a long journey through all these dreamscapes I am usually returned to my animal companions. I think it shows perseverance in my nature. I never give up. I always keep going. 

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